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Gwenevre Saint Bernards is a small hobby kennel, ran from our lovely Game Farm in the most Northern part of South Africa, in the province of Limpopo. 

The farm is about 12 km's from the Botswana border, and the mighty Limpopo river. The farm borders the Magalakwena river, and boast the Madiapala mountains. 

 I'm breeding Saints Bernard's for the last 16 years, and we focus on soundness, conformation and health.

Originally the kennel was in Pretoria, but after I got married I had to move to the farm. With that came the opportunity to expand, due to lots of spaceand now available time.

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  • Angelique says:

    Good Day,

    I was looking for a St.Bernard Rescue in South Africa, but it seems they are only overseas.

    I have been inlove with St.Bernards since I can remember, I am a very big animal lover & have small babies in my home & I would love to have a st.bernard to join them!

    Can you maybe send me the prices for pups please?

    • Doline says:

      Unfortunately no Saint Resque in SA. Best is to contac a breeder to see if dogs can be rehomed. I’d also be glad to post on my FB page to see if Saints can be rehomed. It’s just sad if this happens, as this is such Saintly animals.

      Pictures of my litters are all on the site, and on the facebook page. Next breeding planned for Sept/Oct, then Nov and Dec. If you are keen on a Gwenevre saint I suggest you book in advance as there are already a number of pre-booked puppies.

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