A-Litter (Oct 2012)


The proud parents are:




Younstead Venus of Gwenevre



Bernegardens Grand Master


The Kids:



A Date of birth: 14 October 2012

Litter size:      4 pups

Males:            3

Females:        1

Mortality:       0

Smooth:         2

Rough:           2


Time of birth:   08:40

Sex:                       Male

BirthWeight:    740 g.

Coat type:           Smooth

Owner:                Dirk Geldenhuys (Harrismith)


Time of birth:  10:05

Sex:                      Bitch

Birth Weight:  699 g.

Coat type:          Smooth

Owner:               Gwenevre Kennels 


Time of birth:  12:40

Sex:                      Male

Birth Weight:  760 g.

Coat type:         Rough

Owner:               Geoff Judd (CapeTown) 


Time of birth: 18:45

Sex:                     Male

Birth Weight: 653 g.

Coat type:        Rough

Owner:             Sonveld Kennels (Pta)    



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