C-litter (Jul 2013)

The long awaited C-litter finally arrived.

“Coco” Bernegardens Life after Dark of GwenevrePracticing for the shows ShaggyCH Baynest MudBud of VonTaybarrockshaggy_1
Date of birth:   28 Jul’13Litter size:        14Males:                 7

Females:            7

Mortality:        3 during 3 weeks

Coat type:       All rough


Gwenevre Catching Dreams a.k.a ‘Bronson’
Bronson_10 mtsSex:                          MaleBirth weight:         678 g.Height at 1 yr :     79 cmCoat type:              RoughOwner:                   Von Taybarrock kennels


Gwenevre Chrowd Pleaser a.k.a ‘Coda’
Coda 10 mtsSex:                          MaleBirth weight:       815 g.Height at 1 yr:      78 cmCoat type:            Rough

Owner:                    Gwenevre Saints (lovingly cared for by

                                      Adrie van Staden)

Gwenevre Calissi’s CrownCalissi_8wks_2 copySex:                       FemaleBirth weight:    700 g.

Coat type:          Rough

Owner:                Guiddo Gray (Cpt)

Gwenevre Cameo a.k.a “Heidi”IMG-20140607-01643Sex:                        FemaleBirth Weight:      725g.

Coat type:            Rough

Owner:            Lock Family (Vredenburg)

Gwenevre CallanderSex:                      MaleBirth weight:    670 g.

Coat type:         Rough

Owner:              Jess Price (Dur)

Gwenevre Calender Girl a.k.a ‘Ciska’Galender girls_1jr_rsSex:                    FemaleBirth weight:     615 g.

Coat type:         Rough

Owner:             Gwenevre Saints

Gwenevre Contours of Fame a.k.a ‘Cushke’Cushke_10mtsSex:                      FemaleBirth weight:    691 g.

Coat type:          Rough

Owner:               Baynest kennels (Midrand)

Gwenevre Caesar’s Cloak a.k.a CaesarCaeser_webSex:                         Male

Birth Weight:      893 g.

Height at 1 yr:    80cm

Coat type:             Rough

Owner:                Margariet Godschagg (Pretoria)

Gwenevre Cleopatra’s Glory a.k.a CleoCleo_10 mts_1Sex:                      Female

Birth weight:    615 g.

Coat type:         Rough

Owner:               Co-owned by Gwenevre Saints and

                              Debbie Venner (Cpt)

Gwenevre Commander Conan CommanderSex:                     Male

Birth weight:    789 g.

Coat type:          Rough

Owner:              Claire Kleber (Jnb)










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