More likely to occur among the heavy-wrinkled type Saints, and dogs with very small eyes. (Non FCI-Saints)
Entropion is a rolling-in of the eyelid. This causes the hair on the surface of the eyelid to rub on the eyeball, which

is both painful and often causes corneal ulcers or erosions. The corneal damage can also result in corneal

scarring, which can  interfere with vision. Usually the dog will squint and tear excessively. If not treated

surgically, the cornea will rupture, and the dog can go blind. However, Saints with medial entropion (involving

the inside corner of the eyes) show no obvious signs of discomfort. Dogs with inherited entropion should not be

bred, as they can pass the trait on to their offspring. If you suspect that entropion is present in your pet, please

consult with your family veterinarian. Your doctor  may elect to have your pet referred to a veterinary

ophthalmologist for further evaluation and possible surgical treatment.


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