Bathing your Saint


The smooth/short haired Saint doesn’t require a lot of grooming. Regular brushing is

usually quite adequate. Of course even the smooth Saint does shed at least twice a year,

and then you will need to use a fine-toothed steel comb or a rake, to get rid of the dead


On the other hand the rough/long haired Saint need a lot more grooming to maintain

tip-top coat condition. Especially for the heavy feathering on the tail and back legs.

If the area behind the ears, and armpits isn’t brushed out regularly, it can quickly turn

into an awful mat.

This said, it’s also important to note that the textures of coats do vary, and some need

more attention than others. Some Saints have extremely soft baby-like hair (usually

dogs from rough x rough breedings), and others are thicker and more mat-proof (dogs

from rough x smooth matings).

If matting does occur, best is to sort it out with a dematting comb. This is a handy tool

to have, and basically a comb with blade edges the cut through the mat. Otherwise a

round edge scissor can also be used.  

Pay special attention to the fur between the toes. Remove all tufts, and trim neatly.

The hair between the pads on the feet should also be cut short. Not only for maintenance

but also to make sure no ingrow hairs appear, and it does look alot neater. 

Best way is to use round-head scissors and cut against the grain of the hair.  Keep an

eye on the nails. If a dogs get exercised on hard ground, trimming is seldom necessary,

since that will wear them down but if they have  dewclaws (on the back legs), the nails

might grow to long, resulting in a painful ingrown toe nail.

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