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Matise adult Full litter brother to Carmen from the M litter. Very attractive young boy.
 Karma adult  Karma is full litter sister to Scarlette from the infamous K-litter. Very promising bitch and producing top quality puppies.
 4 Months 1st show bbpg  Gwenevre No Comparisson is the youngest in team Gwenevre. Much resembling her mom. Looking forward to see her develop.
 Carmen 6 mths  Gwenevre Memphis Belle was the girl that stood out from the M-litter. Originally it was not in the planning to keep a puppy, but she made me change my mind…
 Katie  Gwenevre Indigo is from the I litter, and this girl proofs to have lots of potential.
Amaretto2.5 yr  Amaretto of Gwenevre: This stunning big framed and tall boy will form the backbone of breeding for the next couple of years in the kennel. He is super nice, super big, and super soft hearted.
 Addey_13 mths  Malonova Adara of Gwenevre: This lovely girl from the Malanova kennels to help us in persuit of strengthening some famous outside blood into the Gwenevre lines.
 simba_1-yr_3  Gwenevre Hawkeye:The  only smooth from Mom Amber. And the smooth I waswaiting for, for such a long time. I have believe he will growto the conformation we’ve hoped for.
Sindie 2018  Gwenevre Her Royal Highness:Named after a fairytale princess -Cinderella a.k.a Sindie.The same conformation as her mom, with a beautifullsplash coat.
coda breed Gwenevre Crowd Pleaser:

A.k.a ‘Coda’. One of 2 puppies we’ve kept

from the infamous C-litter, and a true


 Ciska_2jr  Gwenevre Calender  Girl:A.k.a ‘Ciska’. Litter sister of  Codathatstayed behind with us. She’s a stunning girland we will start to show her in 2014.
 Untitled-2 copy 5  Gwenevre Bach: Smooth male we’ve kept from theorphaned ‘B’ litter. THis boy has tonsof potential. Will be showed later in life.
 amber breed_1  Gwenevre Amber:This lovely smooth girl was theonly girl out of an AI litter of 4, from the importedmale Grand Master.
 coco_show_1  CH Bernegardens Life after dark of Gwenevre:A.k.a ‘Coco’. She was the last of the original 3 imports,and an absolute breathtakingly beautiful Saint, andtop Bitch in SA for the second year in a row.
 Master_1  Bernegardens Grand Master:A.k.a ‘Meester’. This wasthe sweetest gentlest, mostbighearted animal I ever had the privilege of knowing.He was the first import to the kennels, from the worldfamous Bernegardens kennels.


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