Malonowa Bridge of Hope of Gwenevre


This boy came from the Malonowa Kennels, and as his name suggests, he truly gave us hope. His mom is from Gwenevres famous K-litter and sire is imported by Malonowa Kennel.

Not a lot to complain about this boy. Very true to type, splendid coat, super mover, and exceptional head. He consistently breed dark coated puppies, with full dark masks and good heads.


Registered name:      Malonowa Bridge of Hope of Gwenevre

Call name:                     Vulcan

Birth date:                    21 Apr 2018

Weight:                         76 kg

Height:                         76 .cm (Correctly measured at the withers)

Color:                           Deep burgandy with solid mantle and symmetrical mask

Coat type:                   Rough



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