Int. Ch. Bernegardens Life after Dark (imp) ♀

Coco was the 3rd import to came to our kennels in Dec 2011.  She is from the
world famous Bernegardens kennels, and her pedigree reads like a holywood a-lister.
Stunning chocklate in color, and very easy going girl who LOVES to show.  Not so much a Stay-at-home mom,
and loves the limelight.

Registered name:    Bernegardens Life after  Dark

Call name:                    “Coco”

Birth date:                    18 October 2011 

Import date:               21 Dec 2011 

Weight:                          62 kg’s (17 months)

Height:                               74 cm


Date Show Judge Result
23/3/13 Vereeniging & Distr K.C Mrs N Hammond (Aus) BJr / Cc / BoB
24/3/13 Junior K.C of Gauteng Mr T Syme (Aus) BJr/ Cc / BoB
1st Junior Group
29/3/13 Pretoria K.C Peter Frost (Aus) BJr / Cc / BoB
3rd Junior Group
30/3/13 Tvl Midlands K.C Mr T Tousel (Can) Cc / B.Jr/ BoB
31/3/13 Witwatersrand K.C Mr K Hammond Cc / B.Jr
17/5/13 FCI International Helen Nietsch (USA) Excellent, R.BOB, CACIB
15/5/13 Northern Tshwane K/C Martin Croesner (RSA-GAU) CC, R.BOB (now a Champion)
19/5/13 Western Gauteng K/C Karen Furk (RSA-KZN) CC, R.BOB
31/5/13 KUSA FCI Africa Int Anna Bronkovic (Serb) Excellent, R.BOB, CACIB
01/5/13 KUSA Championship Zoran Bronkovic (Serb) Excellent, R.BOB, CACIB
28/9/13 Hibiscus KC Richard Dempsey (Kzn) RBOB
29/9/13 Margate KC Edith Gallant (Kzn)

Click on image to zoom. Coco Pedigree fnl


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