Ch. Amaretto Of Gwenevre ♂

Amaretto is a dream come true. Line bred back to the Bernegardens bitch (A C-litter sire on a B-litter dam). But super everything. Currently one of the biggest males in the country (that we know of, and this is correctly measured, not guessed, or added for effect). Very impressive head, massive bone. His attributes more then make up for this short commings.

Multiple BOB winner, and became Champion in less 6 months time. His biggest feat was achieving Best OF Breed over a whopping 23 entrants (Huge in SA terms), of which there was bred champions and imported dogs.

And of course  the bigger the body, the gentler the temperament. Really gentle giant.

Amaretto2.5 yr

Registered name:      Amaretto of Gwenevre

Call name:                     Amaretto

Birth date:                    30 Oct 2014

Weight:                         Around 88 kg (officially weighted at Onderstepoort April’18)

Height:                         82 .cm (Correctly measured at the withers)

Color:                           Deep burgandy with torn mantle

Coat type:                   Rough


Date Host Club Judge Results
13/8/17 Working & Herding ass of  Golden reef  Nicole Hartig CC
08/10/17 TKC K/C  Mailyn Hoy CC and BOB
06/10/17 FCI International Show (TKC K/C) Milan Dosen Excellent And BOB
18/11/17 Jacaranda city K/C  Olga Grin CC
 19/11/17 Pretoria K/C Torbjon Skaar CC
 31/11/18 Transvaal Midlands K/C Hanne-Laine Jensen  CC and  BoB

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