Bloat / Stomach Tortion

Very likely in a big breed like the Saint. This condition is a BIG EMERGENCY, and

 immediate veterinary assistance is needed!. When torsion occurs, the esophagus is

closed off, limiting the dog’s ability to relieve distention by vomiting or belching.

Often the spleen becomes entrapped as well, and its blood supply is cut off.

Now a complex chain of physiologic events begins.

The blood return to the heart decreases, cardiac output decreases, and cardiac

arrhythmias may follow. Toxins build up in the dying stomach lining. The liver,

pancreas, and upper small bowel may also be compromised. Shock from low blood

pressure and endotoxin rapidly develops. Sometimes the stomach ruptures, leading

 to peritonitis.

Abdominal distention, salivating, and retching are the hallmark signs of stomach

 torsion. Other signs may include restlessness, depression, lethargy, anorexia,

weakness, or a rapid heart rate.The dog will need an operation to put the stomach

back in its rightful position. If not treated in time this it will be fatal. Unfortunately

this condition will more then likely re-occur. To prevent, Clearly, prevention of

stomach torsion is preferable to treatment. In susceptible breeds, feed two or three

meals daily and discourage rapid eating. Do not allow exercise for two hours after

 a meal. While the genetics of stomach torsion are not completely worked out, most

 breeders and veterinarians feel there is some degree of heritability.

Therefore, while prophylactic gastroplexy will probably help an individual dog, it

makes sense not to breed dogs who are affected or who are close relatives of those

suffering from this disease.



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