How to correctly measure your dog:


This is one of the most basic things that most people get wrong:  HOW do I measure the height of my dog?
I’ve heard wonderful claims of 90cm Saints, and after inquiring, realise that dog was measured up to top of the head.
Or a tape measure was taken right on the dog, including ‘around’ the dog to reach the top.

Herewith some pictures to illustrate the Correct way to measure:

1: Stand your dog next to a clear wall.  This should be a natural stand. Don’t push or pull the dog. You will be making a mark on the wall.


2: Use a pencil to make a small mark/stripe on the wall. Make sure you keep you pencil diagonal, and not up or down. Also don’t measure ‘above’
The hair of the dog. You should measure against the bone. So you press into the hair.



3. Set the dog free, and bring the measuring tape.


4. Measure from the floor /ground to the mark you have made on the wall. You never measure the actual dog.IMG-20150308-WA0008


Now you have a accurate measure, and from this you can establish if your dog is over or under weight.

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