Saint Jargon

Ever wonder about all those breed specific words?

Well, here is a quick list putting some light on some of those words:

 Splashcoat  This means the dark part on the white dog. The dark forming ‘splashes’ of color
on the back. The dark splashes is spread equally on the white, but still leaving the
‘have-to’ places white. The muzzle,  between the eyes, the chest and neck (or atleast
nape of neck), tummy, legs and tail tip.H_R_H_7_wks_web
 Mantle  This is reffering to the ‘blanket’ on the back of a saint. The ‘blanket’ over the
otherwise white dog. It’s important that there’s a white spot on the neck, or total
neck should be white. Chest, muzzle, between eyes, end of tail tummy and legs
all, should be white.Coco_Skou
 Torn mantle  This indicates that the ‘blanket’ over the back of the dog (as explained above)
is ‘torned’. Thus there appear little white parts on the continuous brown blanket.gwenevre_breeding_kiara_image01
 Monks Cap  This is a refferance to the dot on the top of a Saint’s head, almost like the caps
the monks would wear. Some people like this special touch.
Coda smilingHawk_2wks_rs
 Snow Ear  This refer to a white ear. Normally both ears are dark. Having a white ear is not
an eliminating fault. Ideally it should not be more then 3 quarters white, but this is
just markings, and not terribly important.
 Full mask
 This refers to the ‘mask’ (the dark markings) that covers the eyes.  When it’s
symmetrical it means that both the left and right side looks similar.
 This means there is a mask (dark markings over the eye area), but it does not
look similar on the left and right side. This is not inferior to symmetrical mask.
 Half Mask  This is when the dark markings only covers one eye. Ideally the rim of the eye
Should still be dark.half mask
 Slip Mask  This is when the ‘mask’ does not cover the eye fully. It may only cover half and
eye, or sometimes just touch the outside corner. Not of lesser value then a full mask.
 Clean vs Freckled  This is the indication of how ‘clean’ the white part of a dog is.  The more ‘clean’ the
more ideal, thought it’s not mentioned in the standard of the Saint Bernard as
incorrect. The only must, is that certain parts should be white. But if there is freckles
that extend further from the nose, or on the legs etc, it’s reffered to as ‘freckles’.Coda_1yrFreckled


Rough coat This means the dog have long hair. Usually the hair on the head and legs is short,
with feathering behind the legs, and  a bushy tail. Ears should preferably also have
short hair. When a rough shed they can sometimes be mistaken for being
a smooth, but the give away will always be the feathering on the legs, and long hair
on the tail.clover prepared for show
 Smooth coat  This is the original Saint. Having short hair. IT is still not quite as short as for instance a
Rottweiler or Doberman, but  is a lot shorter then the Rough version. On a smooth coat
there is NO long hair or feathering on the legs, and the tail also  don’t form lang hair.
Also not to be mistaken with an incorrect smooth coat, that can give the illusion of being rough.
If both dogs were standing next to each other the difference would be clear. The feel
of the coat also differ.Untitled-2 copy 5


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