Time and timing consideration

Raising a litter of Saint puppies will require ALL your time, for at least 21 days or more.

Further to this, also note that Saints have notoriously bad timing.  They will pick the MOST
in-opportune time to get into heat, to be mated, and to actually have the litter of pups.

This might co-incide with your pre booked holiday, a friends wedding, a child’s birth,
during companies financial year end, that would make leave impossible, or
just when you are
dead broke in January!

Pleas consider WHEN you plan to have a litter of puppies!

In December and January is never a good idea, as people SHOULD NOT buy Saint puppies
as Christmas gifts, and in Jan and February most people don’t have disposable income to

purchase new puppies after the long summer holidays. So you won’t be able to sell your litter

as you’ve anticipated.

If you stay in a very cold area, then also consider the season. If you cannot have your litter
Of puppies indoors during winter, they might die of cold! So rather plan for a summer litter.

Try to get your timing right, as you will to sell a litter of pups if reputable breeders
have litters at the same time as yours. But if you are the only one with a litter at a set time
this might be easier.

Once you have sort out your timing (and your bitch actually work WITH you on this), then
then next important thing is to know within 3 days when to expect the litter, as you’ll
need to plan your leave around this if you are not home permanently.

Saint bitches are notorious for developing problems during birth. This might include a very
lengthy birth, and if she’s having a large litter, she might not have the strength to finish.
There might be 1 or 2 dead puppies stuck inside, inhibiting the birthing hormones and thus
the actual
birthing process.

It can also be that puppies are exceptionally big, and getting stuck in the birch channel, thus
will need medical assistance.

For all these eventualities, you’ll need to be around, thus you’ll need to take leave from
work if are not normally at home full time.

After the birth, the real work start.  Saint Bitches are very big in comparison to the pups
and thus get easily rolled over on, stepped on, sit on, and even laying on. Since the bitches
are so big, and cannot count, they don’t realise they are doing this.
In practice this means that every time the bitch moves, go out, changes positions etc, you’ll
need to supervise her as to remove any pups from under her.

This will be the situation up until such time when the pups can see and walk/crawl to get
out of the way, thus atleast 14-21 days.

Once puppies start on solids (around 3 weeks) they’ll need to get 3-4 small servings daily.
So if you are not around anymore, someone will need to do this on your behalf.

Bottom line: You’ll need to spent most of your time for atleast 3 weeks with your litter
and if you cannot do this, then please do not have a litter of pups.

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