Traveling with your Saint

Travelling with your Saint can be a lot of fun. Especially if your dog is well trained, and
enjoys the experience…
I had dogs that will actually refuse to get out of a car, if the trip was to short!  It helps if
you start familiarizing your puppy from early. Some puppies will easily get use to the noise
and motion of a car, and others might be very scared.
If you have the scared puppy -don’t despair…It’s nothing repetition and praise won’t fix. 
Then take care to teach the puppy the command for getting in and out of the vehicle… You
donot want to (later), manhandle an 80kg male dog, in trying to convince him to get into
the car.
Ideally the dog should just jump in and out on command.  Also make sure your dog do
realize that the windows in the vehicle are solid see-through objects, otherwise you might
end up with a dog hurting it self.
It should know the difference between and open and closed window! Once your dog is
familiar with the commands and ‘workings’ of the vehicle you can start with short trips
around the block until you are convinced that your dog is relaxed, and do not get car-sick.
Obviously once your dog loves the experience you won’t ever have trouble getting your
animals to the show, to the vet, or to the park.
Take care that you also properly socialize your ‘traveling pet’. Your Saint should know how
to behave between other dogs, people, and in strange surroundings!
If you plan to take your Saint on road trips /holiday with you, remember to have all the
vaccinations up to date, to have some form of identity on your pet (e.g. Id tag or micro chipped),
and that your dog is treated against ticks and fleas!It’s also a good idea to have a current
photograph of the dog, just incase of getting lost!
Do have a supply of dog food and fresh cool water handy. Especially on very hot days.
NEVER leave your dog unsupervised in a closed car in the sun.  Not even for a short while.
The dog will overheat much quicker then you think, and it can even die because of that!

Air travel can also be a painless experience if your dog is used to traveling and is able to
cope in strange environments and circumstances. This won’t be a problem if the puppy was
properly socialized!
Always try to get the most direct and shortest flight wherever possible.
If you have a very nervous dog/ puppy, rather get the animal sedatives. Don’t feed the dog
less then 5 hours before the intended trip Buy a big enough kennel! It’s airline policy
anycase, and they wont ship the animal if the cage is not big enough. 
Ask the breeder/ agent for help if you are unsure of the correct size. The animal should be
able to  stand up straight and turn around in the crate! Mark the crate very clearly…
Address and contact phone no.
Most airlines will also give stickers for “life animal” and “This side up”. USE these! It’s a
good idea to first exercise the pet before crating it… This way it will most properly sleep
during the trip, and be more relaxed.
Be sure to get the South African “Pet Friendly Directory” (by Sharyn Spicer & Janine
Great for planning your annual holiday with your pet!


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